The first SEA-BBS Fine Arts Signing was held on June 9, 2022 in the BBP HS Auditorium lobby.

The signing is intended to recognize and celebrate the students who have given their talent, creativity and efforts to enrich the fine arts programs at Bayport Blue Point High School.  The students are asked to sign their name into the Fine Arts Signing Journal in front of their peers, teachers and family as a symbolic representation that they will be continuing Fine Arts in College either as a Major or Minor Field of Study.

The following signatures were entered into the journal on June 9, 2022.

Jaime Boeckel, Amy Boughardt, Kelsi Bowen, Riley Brown, Stephanie Capitano, Riley Clare, Angela Cocci, Katie D’Ambrosio, Charlotte Falkman, Sarah Fedorys, Olivia Garvin, Reyna Gesseck, Shannon Herlihy, Tara Hickey, Karly Kaziun, Lina Kingston, Katherine LaFountain, Okiah Makely, Diavion Minter, Bobby Newbeck, Noah Salata, Kristen Sauer, Jessica Schaller, Kelli Smith, Juliana Stafford, Sam Stenzinger, Camille Valentine, Jenna Vasquez, Grace Witt, Giavanna Zavala and Gabriella Zezima.

Below is a link to pictures taken at the event.

Photo Credit to Kate Berube, BBP Gazette. We ask if you do copy the pictures you give credit to the BBP Gazette please and thank you!